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Dental Health

Three Foods Your Dentist Won’t Eat
Jun 10, 2020

woman biting on lollipop Dental Care Center

Bad breath, weak teeth, and teeth discoloration are just a couple of common dental health issues that all different types of people no matter your age. While we all love food, there are some foods that cause more dental hygiene problems, which is why our Dental Care Center dentists avoid them.

Skip these foods for a whiter smile and better dental health:

  1. Soda/pop/soft drinks. No matter what you call this beverage, if you still find yourself walking to the nearest vending machine to grab a soda whenever you need that mid-day “pick me up,” this is a bad habit that must go — yes, even diet sodas. All of the acidic contents in soda and diet soda drinks easily break down tooth enamel, and once enamel is gone, there’s no getting it back! If you absolutely cannot give up your soda addiction, try drinking through straws every time you drink so you are at least limiting the amount of soda-to-teeth contact.
  1. Hard candy. Biting down on hard candy or ice can do severe and permanent damage to your teeth. Not only does the high sugar content in hard candies negatively affect your teeth, but then biting down on the same hard candies can crack teeth, fillings, and sealants. Our dentists sometimes even catch themselves chewing on their ice after finishing a beverage, and this is definitely a bad habit.
  1. Foods that cause bad breath. There is a long list of foods that can lead to bad breath, so we’ll list just a few. While you don’t have to avoid these completely, it’s a good idea to avoid them before meetings for the sake of your coworkers. Or, you can brush your teeth after eating.
  • Garlic is stigmatized for its “stinky” odor and it’s not just about your breath; garlic can seep into the bloodstream and lungs meaning you can even give off this scent through your skin.
  • Dairy is a huge “no-no” for bad breath, particularly, milk and cheeses because the natural bacteria on your tongue feeds on amino acids that naturally occur in those foods.
  • Potato chips, a popular snack for many people, can be extremely harmful to your dental health. They are filled with starch, which easily gets trapped in between your teeth.

You don’t have to avoid every type of food and drink that may cause yellow teeth or bad breath. No one is perfect, and your teeth encounter lots of wear and tear every single day, so it’s all about balance and making smart decisions to ensure a healthy mouth and smile. The main thing to never forget is to brush twice a day, for two minutes AND floss at least once a day.