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Preventive Dentistry

5 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth
Jan 1, 2020

mom brushing child's teeth Dental Care Center

Getting children to brush their teeth can be a battle, and it is essential to their growth as they develop their teeth and other parts of their mouth. Twice a day you’re in the bathroom encouraging them to brush.

Taking Care of Baby’s Teeth
Dec 4, 2019

baby smiling Dental Care Center

There they are one day: your baby’s teeth! Now what? Find out more about what to expect when your baby’s teeth begin to come in.

Why (and How) You Should Practice Preventative Dentistry
March 3, 2016

girl smiling with dental tools Dental Care Center

Going to the dentist twice a year, every year is recommended by dental professionals in order to stay on top of your teeth health, but simply going to the dentist is not enough when it comes to your teeth. Taking care of your teeth should be a daily practice so you can have a confident, white, healthy smile.

Halloween Candy: Treats for Your Kids, Tricks on Their Teeth
Oct 23, 2019

candy Dental Care Center

While the best way to avoid tooth damage from candy is to avoid it completely, sometimes you have to live a little. If your kids are going to be eating candy this Halloween, there are some other ways you can protect their teeth.

The Problems of Procrastinating a Dental Visit
Oct 16, 2019

clock Dental Care Center

We get it: you work, you take care of kids, you make dinner, and clean, and mow grass, and pack lunches, and work some more. With your busy schedule, how in the world can you find time to visit the dentist for a checkup?

Brushing Gone Bad?
Oct 2, 2019

toothbrush with toothpaste Dental Care Center

Over-brushing, known as “tooth abrasion,” can lead to sensitive teeth and receding gums. Forceful brushing can wear down teeth and harm enamel.

Time to Pass on the Pacifier
Sep 25, 2019

baby sleeping Dental Care Center

Pacifiers are a great way to soothe infants and may even help reduce the risk of SIDS. However, pacifiers can also have a negative effect on the growth and development of the teeth and mouth.

Which Toothbrush is Right For Me? Electric vs. Regular Brushes
July 7, 2015

Power vs standard toothbrush Dental Care Center

Finding the toothbrush that is right for you can be intimidating. One of the greatest choices our patients struggle with is whether they need an electric toothbrush or if they can get by with just an ordinary brush.

How Your Diet Relates to Dental Health
May 1, 2019

healthy foods for a healthy diet Dental Care Center

Having a healthy diet can go a long way when it comes to your body and mind, and your dental health is no different. The body is a complex machine and it operates at its best when given the proper amount of nutrients. Here are some of our recommendations when it comes to eating a healthy diet.

When to Talk to Your Dentist About Wisdom Teeth
Aug 2, 2018

owl Dental Care Center

Wisdom teeth often bring one thing to mind: pain. Around 85 percent of people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted because the teeth usually don’t have room to grow correctly.

When Does Thumb-Sucking Become a Dental Problem For Your Child?
Jul 9, 2018

little girl with thumbs up Dental Care Center

Thumb-sucking is a completely normal reflex children and babies. Thumb-sucking can manifest itself as a pacifier, fingers, or other objects as well. This action can act as a coping mechanism for anxiety, as it allows for your child to feel calm and can even sooth them as they go to sleep.

What Diabetics Need to Know about Dental Health
Sep 20, 2017

girl with teeth pain Dental Care Center

Dental health is important to everyone, but if you have certain health conditions, your oral hygiene is a higher concern. Diabetes is one such condition.

Happy National Toothache Day! Er… It’s not what you think.
Feb 8, 2017

toothache Dental Care Center

Want to skip this holiday? We don’t blame you, but there is no need. National Toothache Day is about spreading awareness and educating people on the importance of dental health and the prevention of toothaches.

Dental Care: What is Gingivitis?
Dec 28, 2016

gingivitis, gums Dental Care Center

While gingivitis sounds like something bad, you might not be quite sure what it is, especially if you are taking good care of your teeth. Gingivitis is definitely something to avoid, and it’s one of the many reasons we encourage you to keep brushing AND flossing.

Our Top 7 Mouthwash Recommendations for a Healthy Mouth
Nov 23, 2016

mouthwash recommendations Dental Care Center

What do you think of when you hear mouthwash? A quick fix to bad breath? Cosmetic mouthwashes do a great job of masking halitosis. But you may not know is that some types of mouthwashes do a lot more. Here are some of the top rated oral rinses that we recommend.

Why You Need A Regular Dentist Visit
Sep 28, 2016

dental light Dental Care Center

Going to the dentist is something that we usually put at the bottom of our to-do lists. But why? These are the reasons why you need a regular dentist visit.

Tools of the Dental Trade: The Polishing Toothpaste
Sep 7, 2016

dental hygenienist Dental Care Center

A lot of people wonder about the tools we use, so here is the lowdown on the polishing process part of your six-month checkup.

Dear patients,

With the recent concerns of the spread of COVID-19, Coronavirus, we at The Dental Care Center, wanted you to know that we are doing everything possible to keep our employees and you, our patients, safe while delivering the best dental experience possible.

Effective immediately through April 15th, the services offered by The Dental Care Center will only be available to those experiencing dental emergencies.

Our offices may be operating under a modified schedule so we ask that you contact our office to schedule an appointment. All non-emergency appointments will be scheduled after April 15th. If you currently have an appointment scheduled with us, a member of our team will contact you to reschedule.

We have a full team in place via phone or live chat to assist patients with scheduling future appointments.

What We’re Doing

We are monitoring and following all guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which includes taking the necessary steps to reduce the threat of COVID-19 exposure to employees and patients. Rest assured that we ALWAYS employ the highest standards of disinfection and sterilization to protect our patients from any potential contamination or infection. These regular procedures have been supplemented in recent days due to added concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. In addition to our usual procedures, we will perform infrared temperature screening for patients and team members effective immediately. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning duties to disinfect shared surfaces in the waiting room and around the office such as counters, doorknobs, and seating areas. We are requesting that patients limit the number of family members that accompany them to their appointment. We are also screening patients as they make appointments to try to identify high-risk individuals and carriers before they even enter our office.

Our Mission

At the Dental Care Center, we want our patients to feel confident that their safety is our top priority and that we are taking reasonable measures to make this office one of the least likely places to be exposed to this new threat.

We are committed to serving you and your families. You are our patients, part of our family, and together we will get through this situation.

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