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General and Preventive Dentistry

Dental Checkups

At the Dental Care Center, we recommend patients schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at least every six months. However, depending on your specific health needs, we may recommend you visit us more frequently. By regularly undergoing cleanings, exams, and X-rays, the DCC can help you identify symptoms that could lead to longer more serious health conditions. At your checkup, your dentist will be able to check for any changes in your gums or teeth that could lead to early detection of decay or cavities as well as answer any questions you may have on keeping your mouth and jaw in good health. During your dental checkups, you will be able to build a relationship with your dentist and create a plan of action and timeline for correcting your teeth and achieving the smile you want.

Oral Hygiene

Establishing effective dental hygiene habits in our patients is a very important part of our practice at the Dental Care Center. It’s our desire to set up our patients for success when they are at home caring for their oral health. Your DCC dentist will equip you with what you need to keep your smile healthy by pointing you to products, techniques, and habits that will help you keep your teeth and gums clean and free of bacteria that can lead to serious dental problems such as gum disease. In addition, we can help you locate specific areas for improvement or teeth in need of special attention so your brushing and flossing can remain as effective as possible.

Pediatric Dentistry

At the Dental Care Center, we have a fun, relaxed, and fear-free atmosphere set up for your little loved ones. Our dentists specialize in befriending your child while teaching them the basics of proper teeth cleaning and chewing habits. At the DCC we strive to create enjoyable experiences for your child from infancy to adolescence. We take special care in monitoring the care and development of your child’s baby teeth as well as preparing gums for the emergence of adult teeth. Our pediatric dentists are also experts in preventive care. We will help predict impending dental problems and work with your family to provide solutions that are comfortable for your child and protect their self-esteem.

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

For whatever life holds, the Dental Care Center is ready to protect your teeth so you can continue your active lifestyle without fear of damaging the smile you work hard to maintain. We recommend our custom made mouthguards above other generic-branded guards because we create them in our labs to specifically fit your mouth, protect your teeth, and provide extreme durability. If you or a loved one is involved in contact sports such as soccer, football, hockey, etc. or similar activities, we recommend making an appointment with us today to get fitted for a custom-fit mouthguard. Your mouth is one of your greatest investments. Be preventative and protect it well.

Gum Disease Therapy

Depending on the overall health of your teeth and the severity of your gum disease, the DCC will create a treatment plan specific to your needs. More basic forms of therapy involve deep cleaning both above and below your gum line to remove and treat areas deeply impacted by bacteria buildup. A more intense cleaning, scaling and planing, may also be conducted under a light anesthetic to better rehabilitate gum surfaces and prevent further plaque from sticking. Other forms of therapy for more severe cases of gum disease may be surgeries involving the removing and replacing of gums or a guided tissue regeneration, which will prompt your bone and tissue to grow back to a healthy level. Grafts are also available for both bone and gum that may have been deteriorated by your gum disease. No matter the stage of your condition, the Dental Care Center can guide you to a cost-effective treatment option that will restore and protect your gum health.

Extractions and Oral Surgery

If you have an infected or decaying tooth or need to have a tooth removed to better improve teeth alignment, your Dental Care Center dentist will guide you through the process of having your tooth pulled in a way that is as convenient to your lifestyle and schedule as possible. In less severe cases, we can perform extractions right in our office with the use of numbing medicines and improved technologies. However, in more complex situations, we will schedule a day for surgery to put you under an anesthetic and remove the tooth. Even in these types of surgeries, you’ll typically be headed home within an hour or two for a quick recovery.