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Dental Health

Soda Drinkers Beware
Jul 10, 2019

Woman Drinking Soda Dental Care Center

While the occasional soda might be a fun treat with no real long-term effects, if you are a daily drinker of Diet Coke or another preferred soft drink, be warned that the rumors are true: your smile is going to suffer. Not only are sodas acidic and contain artificial preservatives, but they are also packed with sugar. The result is the formation of excess bacteria leading to tooth erosion and a lot of it.

As the enamel on your teeth begins to erode away from the increasing soda intake, the outcome is more cavities and a darkening stain becoming widespread over your teeth.  In addition, the texture of your teeth also changes and the surfaces become increasingly sensitive to hot and cold food and drink.
The best way to avoid this erosion is by choosing to stray away from regularly drinking soda. If you just can’t say no, we at least recommend drinking from a straw as well as rinsing and brushing after drinking. Remember, switching to the diet alternative of your favorite soda won’t help either. If you want healthy teeth you’ve got to start healthy habits. Your easiest route is to quit drinking so much soda!

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