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New Year’s Resolutions That are Also Good for Your Teeth
January 22, 2020

smile Dental Care Center

New Year’s resolutions are a nice tradition: the idea that we can all set a goal to do something better in the following year. But how often do you set a goal to take better care of your teeth? Many people set goals to improve their education or to volunteer more. And of course, a lot of people resolve to lose weight and eat healthier.

Good news! You don’t necessarily have to set a goal of taking better care of your teeth because it might come naturally. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that will work to improve your dental health:

    • Drinking less coffee/tea/soda. Coffee and tea can stain your teeth and soda is acidic. Omitting these or drinking less of them will make your dental hygienist happy.
    • Drinking less juice. Juice is often cut out of your eating routine when you are trying to lose weight because nutritionists say it’s better to eat the fruit so you get the beneficial fiber and feel more full. Skipping the fruit juice may help your teeth, too, because you’re avoiding the sugary acids that can wash over your teeth and gums with every sip.
  • Quitting smoking/stop chewing tobacco. This common New Year’s resolution is perfect for making your smile shine. Smoking leaves yellow and gray stains on your teeth over time. Chewing tobacco can not only stain your bottom teeth, but can cause lip and jaw cancer.
  • Reduce stress. People under great amounts of stress may grind their teeth. If the problem becomes serious, you may have to wear a mouthguard at night to protect your teeth.
  • Eating dairy. Foods with a lot of calcium can help strengthen your tooth enamel. You may choose to eat these foods as part of a healthy lifestyle, but they help your teeth as well! If you don’t eat dairy, be sure to look for foods that have calcium added.
  • Treating heartburn. Heartburn is no fun, and if your goal this year is to get rid of it or do a better job treating it, you’re also treating your teeth. The acids brought up by heartburn can wear away tooth enamel over time, leaving you prone to cavities.

Of course, you can also resolve to do a few things specifically for the health of your smile, such as:

  • Brushing and flossing at least twice each day. But don’t overbrush!
  • Getting twice-yearly checkups and cleanings.

The Dental Care Center team wishes you a happy and healthy 2020!