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Cosmetic Dentistry

The Real Reasons You Have Stained Teeth
Aug 21, 2019

woman smiling Dental Care Center

Commercial breaks and drug store shelves are full of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and strips meant to whiten your teeth. While it’s nice to know you have options for ditching your stained teeth, it’s even better to prevent the problem in the first place.

Teeth-Staining Culprits
Wine, tea, coffee, cola rank on the top of the list. Any foods or beverages with intense color pose a risk for staining your teeth. Smoking and chewing tobacco will also tint and damage your teeth. In addition, acidic drinks and foods can temporarily soften your teeth and make it easier for staining colors to latch on.

How to Prevent Stains
Using a straw can help prevent your teeth from coming in contact with staining beverages. Swallowing quickly may also help prevent stains from latching onto the enamel of your teeth. The best option for preventing stains is brushing your teeth frequently. We understand brushing after every meal isn’t always possible. Try swishing with water after meals can help remove staining materials from the surface of your teeth until you can brush them later.

There is a plethora of over-the-counter toothpaste, rinses, and other whitening products available at your local drug store. You should discuss using a new whitening product with your Dental Care Center dentist to be sure it is safe and effective for your teeth. However, it is best to leave whitening treatments to the professionals because at-home whitening can put you at risk for gum and enamel damage. At Dental Care Center locations, we offer a variety of whitening options including Philips ZOOM! and Opalescence Boost professional whitening treatments. In addition, patients can be fit for custom whitening trays, be given a take-home whitening kit, or receive a whitening treatment in our office. We will customize a treatment plan just for you to restore your pearly white smile.

Intrinsic Stains
Although most stains are on the surface of teeth (extrinsic) and therefore mainly cosmetic, intrinsic stains are the discoloration of the inner layers of the tooth. This can be caused by extreme exposure to fluoride during early childhood, the use of tetracycline antibiotics during pregnancy, and the use of tetracycline antibiotics in children. Options for treating intrinsic stains should be discussed with your dentist.

At all of our Dental Care Center locations, we will work with you to select your best treatment options to brighten up your smile. Call to schedule an appointment today!