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5 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth
Jan 1, 2020

mom brushing child's teeth Dental Care Center

Getting children to brush their teeth can be a battle, and it is essential to their growth as they develop their teeth and other parts of their mouth. Twice a day you’re in the bathroom encouraging them to brush. Some young children don’t want to bother, but of course, brushing teeth is the best way to keep cavities away. So how should you get your kids to pick up the toothbrush? Here are a few ideas to try:

Use Music – Two minutes can feel like a long time. Finding a children’s song that’s about two minutes long and play it as part of the teeth brushing routine each morning and evening. (There are even apps for this.)

Brush Together – Brushing your teeth while your child brushes his/hers can make it seem more fun, and it gives you the chance to demonstrate good tooth brushing techniques.

The Power of Choice – Giving your child the power to choose his/her own toothbrush and toothpaste has them “buying in” to the idea, which can make it more appealing. There are many fun colors and flavors for toothpastes and brushes.

Positive Reinforcement – Praise them for their teeth brushing efforts. Use a sticker chart, awarding stars for brushing their teeth twice a day and for flossing once a day.

Games/Dancing – Make teeth brushing a game. Make up a tooth brushing dance. Anything to make it fun can help.

What have you tried to encourage your kids to brush their teeth regularly? Contact us today if you have any questions regarding the health of your kid’s teeth.