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Halloween Candy: Treats for Your Kids, Tricks on Their Teeth
Oct 23, 2019

candy Dental Care Center

You already know Halloween candy is no good for your teeth, but try explaining that to a 5-year-old the day after Trick-or-Treating!

While the best way to avoid tooth damage from candy is to avoid it completely, sometimes you have to live a little. If your kids are going to be eating Halloween candy, there are some other ways you can protect their teeth.

Halloween candy itself isn’t the main problem in oral hygiene. Cavities are caused by naturally occurring bacteria, called streptococcus. These bacteria feed on sugar, which then breaks down into an acid that damages tooth enamel. By reducing exposure time, you can limit the amount of sugar available to these bacteria and eliminate any acid produced.

Sticky, chewy candies such as caramels and taffy are particularly bad for teeth because they stick to teeth and are harder to remove. Try choosing hard candies for your kids instead.

Have your child drink some water and rinse their mouth after eating candy. Then have them brush their teeth a few minutes later. Make sure that they are brushing their teeth at least twice a day and extra if they are eating and drinking lots of sweets. Help them floss daily (the new kids flossing sticks work great!) and use a kid-friendly mouthwash to eliminate any plaque, sugar, or acid left on or in-between their teeth.

These tips should do the trick to protect their teeth from treats. As for the sugar high — you’re on your own with that one!