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Top Trends in Dentistry
Apr 18, 2018

reading-the-newspaper Dental Care Center

Scientists and doctors across the globe are working around the clock to develop new methods of improving human health. Luckily for all of us, dentistry has changed a lot since people started removing painful teeth. But while a basic cleaning is steadfastly the most important thing, new technology makes other parts of dentistry easier and more comfortable for people all the time. We are personally excited about some of these cool new developments.

School-based Cavity Prevention Programs: A study from NYU College of Dentistry (published in BMC Oral Health) has discovered an effective way to prevent cavities through school-based prevention programs:

“A comprehensive cavity prevention program, particularly for children without regular access to dental care, can be significantly better than the traditional molar sealant programs,” said Richard Niederman, DMD, professor and chair of the Department Epidemiology & Health Promotion at NYU Dentistry and the study’s coauthor.

Excellent oral care habits are formed when you’re young, and we’re glad to hear that these cavity prevention programs could prove beneficial for the long-term oral health of young children.

Adhesives that Prevent Bracket Stains: Teenagers often wear braces, but their tooth care regimes aren’t always the best. Braces can be especially tricky to care for, as food can easily get stuck under wires and around brackets. However, researchers have developed a new adhesive whose antibacterial strength and bioactive properties not only prevent demineralization of the teeth but also promote remineralization. This could help prevent white stains that orthodontic brackets often leave on teeth is a result of enamel demineralization.

Robot Performs World’s First Automated Dental Implant: This is dentistry of the future! Last fall, a Chinese robot completed the first-ever automated dental implant. According to TIME, “Robots can safely conduct dental surgeries like implantations with more accuracy and agility in a narrow space like the oral cavity.” Would you let a robot operate on your teeth?!

Red Wine Benefits Your Oral Health: We’re pretty excited about this development, too; a study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has found that chemicals in red wine could benefit your oral health. The drink contains polyphenol, “a micronutrient that reduces the ability of bad bacteria known to cause dental plaque, cavities, and gum disease to adhere to teeth and gums.”

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