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Tooth Sensitivity: a Pain in the Mouth
March 24, 2016

woman drinking coffee Dental Care Center

Does taking a bite of ice cream or sipping a hot beverage sometimes cause pain in your teeth? Does flossing or brushing feel painful? If so, tooth sensitivity may be at the forefront of your issues.

What causes sensitive teeth? In most cases, sensitive teeth are caused by the wearing away of the outer protective layer on your teeth, but that is not the only possible cause. Some other possible causes include:

If you are having symptoms of sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist to determine the cause of the sensitive teeth in order to find the best possible remedy. Until your dentist appointment, here are some at-home remedies for sensitive teeth.


  • Buy toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. In drug stores today, there are several brands that carry toothpaste made for people with sensitive teeth. This toothpaste has an active ingredient of potassium nitrate, which blocks the sensation from the nerve.
  • Change the way you brush. If you are brushing with anything other than a soft toothbrush, you are scrubbing your teeth too hard. When you brush too vigorously, the enamel can begin to wear away.
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Food and drink that contain high levels of acid in them are known to break down the enamel on the teeth.

Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding may also cause tooth sensitivity. Some people grind their teeth when stressed. Others grind their teeth in their sleep. In either case, you may be wearing away the enamel and opening your teeth up to a sensitivity problem. If you are a night grinder, ask your dentist about a mouth guard or tray to keep you from wearing away your enamel.