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Tell Your Dentist about These 3 Allergies
Oct 17, 2018

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Allergies aren’t something you think about when visiting the dentist. Maybe you take daily allergy medication to manage pollen or ragweed allergies. Maybe you’re allergic to some medicine, but how often does your dentist prescribe anything? Still, you should alert your dentist about any allergies that affect you because it just might save your life. Here are the three most critical allergies to tell us about on your next visit.


Latex Allergy

Most rubber products contain latex; it’s found in many products used healthcare industry. One of the most common latex products is latex examination gloves, used in many dentist and doctor offices. For those who are allergic to latex, exposure can result in dangerous reactions including hives and itching, wheezing and tightness of the throat, as well as anaphylaxis (a life-threatening medical reaction). Not to worry; we can use latex-free gloves, but please let us know about your allergy.


Local Anesthetic Allergy

There are many symptoms that can occur after the use of local anesthetics; some of those are skin reactions, anxiety, and trouble breathing. The medications we use today for a local anesthetic (used when we fill cavities) have changed, and allergic reactions are not as common, but it’s still critical to share any past reactions you’ve had. If you know it, tell us the name of the drug used.  


Allergies to Medication

Your dentist needs to know any allergies you have to medication. Please also list any supplements or vitamins you may be taking. Many people find it useful to carry a list with them for any medical visits so they don’t forget anything. Mixing the wrong medications can be life-threatening. While dentists don’t prescribe things as often as your doctor might, we may sometimes need to give you antibiotics or other medications related to dental procedures.   


If you have a question about your medical information on file with us, contact us or tell us during your next visit.