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Surprising Effects Tobacco has on Teeth
Dec 25, 2019

cigarette Dental Care Center

Are you or have you ever been a user of tobacco products? If so, are you may have been unaware of the harmful effects tobacco use can have on your teeth and mouth? Every time you use a tobacco product (cigarettes, cigars, chew, etc.) your body is at risk for all types of medical problems ranging from bad breath and gum disease to mouth and throat cancer. If you are a smoker, check out these tips to help improve your dental health!

Negative Health Effects

  • In the United States today, more than 50 percent of tobacco users have gum disease and as a result, smoking also leads to the medication needed being less effective in treating the gum disease. More interesting facts like this one can be found using this link.  
  • Smokers of cigarettes are more likely to need root canal treatments with the prolonged use of tobacco products as well as are twice as likely to lose their teeth.
  • Smokers also have a much higher risk of developing leukoplakia, which has been known to lead to throat, oral, and lung cancers.
  • The use of tobacco causes a buildup of plaque and tartar in the gums, leading to less attractive appearance, bad breath, and black hairy tongue. Black hairy tongue is a condition that causes your tongue to have a black furry-like appearance. Learn more about black hairy tongue here.   
  • Possible loss of taste and smell with the prolonged use of tobacco.

Tips to Improve Oral Health

  • Do not skip regular appointments and checkups with your dentist.
  • Blush, floss, and use a tongue cleaner and mouthwash twice a day.
  • When choosing a toothbrush, be sure to pick one with stiff bristles in order to really clean the hard-to-reach places and the plaque left behind due to the use of tobacco.
  • Nowadays, there is a specific toothpaste for smokers, which contains stronger chemicals and is better equipped to tackle the bacteria associated with tobacco.

Not smoking is recommended by most health care providers and dentists, but it is not always the easiest thing to stop. If you chose to continue the use of tobacco products, it is important to keep the possible health risks and tips to improve oral health in mind. Having healthy teeth and a healthy mouth are the first steps to a confident and brighter smile!