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Skipping the Dentist Could Mean More Wrinkles
Dec 2, 2020

How does visiting the dentist correlate with your wrinkles? This works in two ways. First, the bone is important because it provides support and structure to our skin. Not keeping your teeth clean and healthy will result in losing bone density in your jaw and cheeks. Over time, this loss in the bone will cause wrinkles to appear and can lead to sagging. This is why it is important to have regular check-ups and take proper measures to keep good dental health.

Second, overworked teeth can also contribute to wrinkles forming around the mouth, because the closed bite provides less skin support. Overworked jaw muscles can also cause sagging on your jawline. Grinding your teeth throughout the day or at night can also strain your jaw and lead to unwanted wrinkles.

What can you do?
To avoid early wrinkles from appearing it is important to take care of your teeth. This includes brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist. It is also important to avoid foods that can damage your teeth and jaw such as crunchy hard candy. Clenching and grinding your teeth can lead to wrinkles forming around the mouth and jaw area. It is extremely important to be conscious of these effects because it is a difficult habit to break. If you think you grind your teeth or clench, talk to your Dental Care Center dentist about a mouthguard.

Keep your youthful looks by attending your regular checkups and do not forget to practice a healthy dental routine.