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How to Choose the Right North Carolina Dentist
Feb 3, 2021

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Finding the right dentist for you is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. In honor of upcoming National Dentist Day, next month, (March 6) here are the steps you can take to find a dentist you love.

  1. Understand your dental health benefits.

Your new dentist could be determined by your existing dental health plan. Dental HMOs typically limit your choice of dentist to only members of your particular HMO network. If you have a PPO plan, visiting a network dentist can also make a difference in your copayment levels.

  1. Get recommendations.

When it comes to your dentist, everyone has an opinion, so make sure to ask your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers for their thoughts. Your circles can serve as a great resource. Find out how they felt about the atmosphere and how comfortable they felt asking questions of both dentists and dental hygienists. Was it easy to set up or cancel an appointment and how do they accommodate people with disabilities? Sometimes these answers can be made clearer from those you trust and know well rather than from reading a pamphlet or brochure meant to entice you.

  1. Consider location.

Are there multiple office locations? Is there a location close to your home or work? Are they open on the days and times you are most likely to schedule an appointment? These are just a handful of questions that you should find out before really getting attached to a dental office.

  1. Check qualifications.

Find out about the dentist’s qualifications. Luckily, most offices will have this information readily available on the website or in the office, so accessing this information should not be too difficult. You can also obtain information about a dentist’s qualifications from any local dental society or your insurance carrier. Most organizations of specialty dentists will also list their members’ qualifications making it that much easier for you to find the right dentist.

  1. Go for an initial visit and evaluate.

There’s nothing like seeing for yourself what a dentist is like, so if you are narrowing down your search, visit and find out. Your personal comfort is one of the most important deciding factors in regards to choosing a dentist, so go with your gut. Check to see that the office is neat and clean and that the customer service is good. People often stay with the first dentist they try, just because it feels easier. The American Dental Association recommends you try a few just in case you find one experience better than another.

Still not sure where to start? Give these places a try to find dental offices near you:

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