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How To Choose a Toothbrush
Feb 26, 2020

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A toothbrush is a staple in everyone’s everyday lives and is crucial for maintaining good oral hygiene, but with so many different types which one is really best? Nowadays you walk down the oral hygiene aisle in a store and are greeted with rows and rows of toothbrushes (all claiming to be the best) so how could we possibly choose?

General Tips on Choosing a Toothbrush

Regardless of which toothbrush you use (manual or electric) it is important to keep in mind three main characteristics when looking for a toothbrush: size, bristle variety, and expert recommendation.

-Size. The head of the toothbrush needs to be able to move easily around your mouth as well as being able to reach all your teeth. For a typical adult, the size of the toothbrush is about half an inch wide and one inch tall.

-Bristle variety. There are three options when it comes to bristles: soft, medium, and hard. Most dentists recommend soft bristles because they are usually the most comfortable and the safest for your teeth – no matter how hard you brush. Medium and hard bristles may cause more harm than good for the enamel on your teeth and may irritate your gums.

-Expert recommendation. With commercials and labels today it is hard to figure out which toothbrushes are really recommended by most dentists. Ask your dentist at DCC for a recommendation. You can also check out the American Dental Association’s list of approved toothbrushes.

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

One of the most common questions when it comes to picking the right toothbrush is whether manual or electric is better. We can tell you which is better for you, but here are some pros and cons for each to help you decide.



  • Thorough clean
  • Multiple styles, bristles, colors, and designs to choose from.
  • No batteries or charging necessary
  • Makes travel easy
  • Inexpensive


  • No automatic timing
  • More work

Electricelectric toothbrush


  • Better results with less effort
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in timer


  • Charging
  • Cost
  • Breakable
  • Not easy to travel with