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Healthy Teeth Today, Thanks to History
Sep 2, 2020

vintage dentist Dental Care Center

Many discoveries were made to get you the healthy teeth you have today!

So many advancements occurred around the world we can’t mention them all, but here is a quick brief history of oral health.

Early Advancements

People have been trying to take care of their teeth for more than a millennia. Records indicate that Egypt had an oral health specialist in 2500 B.C. Even philosophers Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about dentistry.

  • In 700 A.D, a Chinese medical text mentioned the use of a silver plate as a sign of oral maintenance.
  • From 166-201 A.D, the Etruscans practiced dental prosthetic by using golden crowns and fixed bridgework.
  • In 1723, French surgeon Pierre Fauchard published a book titled “The Surgeon Dentist.” This book included information about oral health that is considered the foundation of modern dentistry

Oral Health Tools in the 1700s

  • 1746: French scientist Claude Mouton describes a gold crown and recommended the use of white enamel for these tooth crowns.
  • 1770: Alexis Duchâteau made the first porcelain dentures. The first known patent was later permitted for this oral health strategy.
  • 1832: Vulcanized rubber was invented by Charles Goodyear, which is used as a foundation for false teeth.
  • 1844: Nitrous oxide was used as anesthesia by American dentist Horace Wells.

Important Events that Helped Your Oral health

  • Tube toothpaste became available in the 1880s, improving oral health for those who could not afford dental practices.
  • In 1938, the first toothbrush with bristles appeared on the market.
  • Floss became available in 1882 when Codman and Shurtleff company produced unwaxed silk floss.

What’s Next?
Oral health strategies and technology will continue to improve, thus, improving our services and products. Healthy teeth mean a happy you! We would love to become part of your smile, so call us for an appointment or to learn more about our services.