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4 Tooth-Friendly Coffee Alternatives
Jun 17, 2020

coffee beans Dental Care Center

Coffee is the start of the day for many people. After all, life is becoming more demanding. 

Unfortunately, coffee is known to give people a jittery feeling and cause visible stains on their teeth due to its dark color and consistency. Here are some alternatives that have some of the advantages of coffee without staining or jitters.

Green tea

Green Tea is a useful alternative to coffee for many reasons. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and caffeine that have powerful effects on your body that are perfect for a jumpstart to your morning. There is still enough caffeine in green tea to get most people going in the morning, but not so much that it leaves jittery effects as coffee does. Plus, the clear nature and smooth consistency of green tea mean no left-behind particles on your teeth. 

A healthy breakfast

It is no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast gives your body and mind the nutrition it needs to get through the day better than any drink. Numerous studies have linked eating breakfast with improved concentration and performance, more strength and endurance, and a more nutritionally complete diet. It has even been found that eating breakfast can help you lose weight because instead of snacking on whatever you can find throughout the day, you already ate something sustainable and healthy. Breakfast can take a little more time to prepare in the morning than a drink, but sacrificing a few minutes of sleep or going to sleep earlier is definitely worth it.

Pomegranate juice

The high concentration of sugar and calories in pomegranates that create its sweet taste — perfect for refreshing your mind and body. Sugar and calories are often considered bad for diets and health, but they are actually both necessary in providing your body with energy. Although too much sugar can damage your teeth, brushing at least twice a day will solve that issue and won’t leave any staining as coffee would. Pomegranates also contain high levels of glucose like many other fruits. Your brain uses glucose more than any other nutrients and your body converts it to energy extremely quickly.

Caffeine Pills

If you don’t want to let go of caffeine, there are pills that can supplement your needs. Caffeine pills are an affordable and easy way to get your caffeine fix without damaging your teeth. These pills are meant to be swallowed whole, which means your teeth are safe because they are not being used. This alternative does not come without side effects, though. The pills are made up of highly concentrated caffeine that acts much faster and in smaller doses than coffee does. Please note: You should consult a doctor when considering caffeine pills for regular use.