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Dental Health

Why Brushing at the Last Minute Doesn’t Cut It
Jan 13, 2021

brushing teeth Dental Care Center

With a looming dental appointment, some people will attempt to ramp up their dental hygiene in the weeks and days leading up to their appointment date. However, there’s really no need to overdo it by brushing or flossing additional times before leaning back in the dental chair. In fact, most dentists agree that you don’t need to change your hygiene habits before a dentist visit.  Some even believe that doing these things can actually hurt your oral health.

Edita Outericka, D.D.S., a prominent dentist in Massachusetts says, “Aggressive flossing and brushing the day of or a few days prior to dental treatment does not reverse the damage done from improper hygiene in between dental visits. It can, however, inflame soft tissue and cause gum recession.”  In other words, by overdoing it with heavy brushing and flossing in the days prior to an appointment, people run the risk of inflaming their gums, causing them to become raw to the point that once prodded they begin to bleed profusely.

Regular Dental Hygiene

Instead of aggressively brushing and flossing your pearly whites, most dentists suggest following good dental hygiene practices such as brushing two to three times per day and flossing once a day. Develop a regular routine you can stick with.  A good daily routine will alleviate much of the plaque that can accumulate on your teeth as well as much of the bad bacteria that can reside in the mouth. Additionally, by abandoning the practice of the last-minute brush, your gums will be in much better shape when the dentist sees them.

There is however one special instance in which you might want to change your behavior in advance of a dental appointment, and that’s if anything in your medical history has changed. If you are taking any medications or have recently had any surgeries or medical procedures, be sure to let your dentist know before your appointment.

Remember, your dentist is there to help you achieve good oral health — not to judge you. Our staff at the  Dental Care Center are here to not only give you a beautiful smile but peace of mind as well. Let The Dental Care Center be your main dental provider and schedule an appointment today!