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Dental Health

The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Teeth Brushing
May 8, 2019

girl brushing her teeth Dental Care Center

Believe it or not there is a right and wrong way to brush your teeth. It is very important our Dental Care Center patients know how to properly brush and prevent serious, long-term damage to teeth and gums. Developing correct brushing techniques is also vital to the overall health and the appearance of your smile.

Here are the most common mistakes we see patients make in brushing and the top ways you can turn those bad habits into good ones.


  1. DON’T miss your gum line when you brush. We often speed through brushing and miss the area where the teeth meet the gums. Not brushing thoroughly in this area can lead to a buildup of plaque and ultimately, the development of gingivitis.
  2. DON’T brush side-to-side – it can destroy tooth enamel. Try brushing at an angle in a circular movement instead.
  3. DON’T brush too hard. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to remove plaque and bacteria. If you start brushing too aggressively, your gums will start becoming irritated and receding.


  1. DO brush for 2-3 minutes each time. We recommend bringing a timer into your bathroom or purchasing an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer to prevent you from rushing through brushing.
  2. DO brush and floss 2-3 times a day or after every meal. Get in the habit of keeping a toothbrush in your car or at work. Brush off plaque before it has the chance to stick.
  3. DO purchase a new toothbrush every 3 months. It keeps you from using one that has lost its effectiveness and is housing germs. Make sure you buy the right brush and paste for your mouth. Talk to your dentist to figure out your specific needs.

The professionals at the Dental Care Center would recommend evaluating your brushing routine carefully. Practice proper technique until it becomes habit! For more information on brushing correctly or for help from one of our DCC professionals, make an appointment with us today.