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Cosmetic Dentistry

5 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth at Home
January 13, 2016

toothbrush Dental Care Center

A whiter, healthier smile is something most people strive for and is something that is not the easiest or cheapest to attain. While the process of getting whiter teeth is an uphill battle for the majority of Americans, it is now possible with a few remedies to get healthy, whiter teeth right a home, leading to more confidence. These remedies will not work as well as professional whitening services from your local dentist, but they can help you get your teeth whiter without the cost of professional whitening. It is recommended that you discuss these possible remedies with your dentist before using them to make sure it is the right plan for you.  

Whitening Strips

There are currently a wide range of whitening strips available in every drugstore for around $30-$40. These are a great option to use in conjunction with the other whitening products such as, whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. They are easy to use. While they are safe, some people experience more sensitive teeth after using. Stop using if you feel discomfort and ask your Dental Care Center dentist if you have any concerns.   

Whitening gel/toothpaste

Similar to the whitening strips, there are many options in the drugstores for whitening gels and toothpastes. Simply using a whitening toothpaste will not give you whiter teeth, but when used daily with whitening strips, it is possible to get the whiter teeth you’ve been hoping for over time.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are long-time at home remedies for whitening your teeth. This remedy is fast, easy, and convenient because it uses common household items. By combining one part baking soda and two parts hydrogen peroxide you form a paste that is not gritty and easy to use as a toothpaste. Only use this remedy 2-3 times per week because overuse of baking soda can break down your enamel.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a common household item that has been found to have natural whitening abilities. When mixed with baking soda in a two part apple cider vinegar and one part baking soda, you can form a paste for brushing purposes or you can gargle it for a similar outcome. Because this remedy is using baking soda it would be best to use this remedy only a couple of times a week for the healthiest, and whitest outcome for your teeth. If you wish to avoid using baking soda all together, it is possible to use the apple cider vinegar as a mouth rinse.  

Coconut oil + peppermint leaf

The use of coconut oil with mashed peppermint leaves for the added minty flavor is one of the newer and less tested remedy for whitening. Like the apple cider vinegar remedy, the coconut oil and peppermint is not an immediate solution and works best when used over an extended period of time. Unlike the remedies that contain baking soda, it is safe and recommended that this remedy be used daily for optimal results.