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5 Reasons to Ask Your Dentist about Dentures
Sep 19, 2018

woman smiling Dental Care Center

Tooth loss can make day-to-day tasks a constant struggle; activities such as talking or chewing can turn into dreadful duties that may feel embarrassing and humiliating. What may surprise you: a high number of people around you wear dentures to solve those problems. In fact, more than 36 million Americans wear dentures.

Dentures are replacement teeth that are customized to fit your unique mouth shape and help enhance your quality of life. More than 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Dentures tend to have a negative image thanks to the impression given to us by TV shows and movies. Dentures feel like they are “just for old people” or cause problems with your gums.

However, if you are missing multiple teeth, here are some reasons to consider wearing dentures:

Improved Self-Confidence
Filling out the empty gaps apparent in your smile is one of the main reasons many get dentures. Having a confident smile can help with self-esteem. That way, you’re not always feeling as though people are staring at your mouth. Plus, our teeth support our cheeks and lips. Without that support, your facial muscles can sag, making your face look older. Dentures will help fill out your smile and your face.

Oral Health Improvements
Dentures can significantly improve oral health. Gaps between your teeth are a natural spot for food to collect. Additionally, your other teeth may move to fill in those gaps, causing crooked or tilted teeth. Over time, you may find yourself biting differently and damaging your other teeth.

No Change in Diet
Many people are scared that getting dentures will cause disturbances in their everyday lives. However, there are little to no diet restrictions caused by getting dentures. Dentures are enduring; they can withstand almost as much as your permanent teeth would. So no need to fear, you won’t have to give up your favorite foods!

Improved Speech
It’s no secret that your speech is affected by missing teeth. You may need some time to adjust to the way your mouth feels when you first receive new dentures, but over time, you’ll notice improved speech.

Long-Lasting Results
“How long will they last?” Another pro about dentures is that they last between five to 10 years. That is five to 10 years of having a comfortable and confident smile that you will love to show off!

At Dental Care Center we provide same-day dentures because we believe that you shouldn’t have to wait to get your dream smile! For more information about getting same day dentures, check out our brochure or our video.