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Same Day Dentures

Getting dentures the traditional way takes time. In fact, it can take several appointment spread out over days or weeks. If you have a full schedule, though, that can make restoring your smile frustrating. That’s why The Dental Care Center offers a service that shrinks this normal process down to just a single day. That service, called Same Day Dentures, can get you back to your normal schedule quicker with the partial or full denture you need to enjoy better self-esteem and overall quality of life.

A New Smile in Just One Day

When you come to The Dental Care Center for your Same Day Dentures, you’ll find that, even though the process only takes a day, many of the steps are exactly the same as with traditional dentures. The difference is that the whole process is expedited.

On the day of your appointment, your doctor will start by taking an impression of your teeth. This is often the first stage of the Same Day Dentures process because we want to give our lab as much time as possible to work on your new smile. During this time you’ll also have a chance to talk with your doctor about your likes and dislikes and the results you’d like to see when we’re done. Just before lunchtime, your replacement teeth will have been made and set into a wax base, ready for you to try on. They’re still a work in progress at this point, but your doctor will have a chance to see how they look and fit, giving our Smithfield team a chance to make any changes that might need to be made.
By late afternoon your dentures will be ready. Once again, you’ll try them on so your doctor can see how they look and fit. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to return to your normal schedule with a brand new, more supportive smile.

Need more info? Call us today or download our same day dentures brochure.